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Friday, April 1, 2011

Wausau Daily Herald and public library gets lesson on free speech and words that matter...

Since  I am from WI,  I watch the pro life news out of my home state. I noted  the issue of the Wausau public library that has public meeting rooms  which has previously been used to screen films by groups.

They decided to deny the local 40 Days for Life group the use of the room to screen the new movie  Blood Money. They stated they feared a civil disturbance. 

After receiving a letter from the Thomas Moore Society representing 40 Days, they offered the group of a closed office off site!! What??? Thomas Moore Society and 40 Days were not impressed. This was  a suppression of free speech based on the alleged concern over the response of others. 

Well the library officials  consulted with  their attorneys and did an about face.  The screening will be held. I looked for the write up of this by the local paper.... Wausau Daily Herald  .The reporter files the story with the headline Anti Abortion Group to Show Film and the lead paragraph states...

"A Wausau anti-abortion group will go forward with plans to show a controversial video on Sunday after county officials backed off cancellation of the event at the downtown Wausau library.'

So I dashed an email off to the reporter asking why she used the term anti abortion and not pro life and why all the negative terms when referring to the pro life viewpoints like showing a controversial film. I appreciate that she wrote me right back and told me the following:

"The Associated Press style book, which the Daily Herald uses as a guide for language in our reporting, recommends the terms "anti-abortion" and "abortion rights" when describing individuals or groups that take a position on this issue."
Well she is young and learning her trade and as I expected she was told to frame the issue accordingly. We all know that AP is hardly a credible source anyway and that words matter. Anytime you say "rights"  it gives a positive :) spin and saying something is anti puts a negative :( spin on it. Well, I thanked her for the honest and timely response to my concern. I had to smile as I wonder if her bosses would appreciate her being so forthright about this is the way they want us to say it. Almost like a gaffe in Washington.....definition of a gaffe is  when you accidentally tell the truth.

I hope everyone enjoys the screening in Wausau of Blood Money a pro life film that documents the truth.  Is the truth controversial??? 

The extra publicity will probably boost their attendance.

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