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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Abortion Witness:killing the baby inside the womb is birth control and outside the womb is population control....

 Abortion Witness is so outrageous that I almost suspect it is not real. The profile says she is Jeanne from IL who s has a PhD. in Feminist Theory and worked for 12 yrs. in an abortion clinic and is now an Educator.

She starts off her post "Talking about babies...saying the things we can't say... discussing  a former  patient in the abortion clinic expressing guilt for killing her baby. This leads  to a discussion  about how abortion supporters should learn to discuss this issue ncluding stories about   Kermit Gosnell the late term abortionist in PA who killed babies who survived the abortion.

"And what about death and abortion and the babies allegedly born-then-killed in Gosnell’s clinic? Suddenly the question of the mother’s decision about her pregnancy becomes more complex because the baby is no longer in her body. In other words, while she is pregnant, her decision to have an abortion is like any other woman’s. How does this change when the unborn baby is no longer unborn—no longer inside her body?

I’ve talked with two wise people about this question. One said to me, “when the baby is inside the mother’s body, its death is birth control; after it is outside the woman’s body, its death is something else—maybe population control.” He went on to suggest that we are, as a society, a lot more comfortable with birth control than with population control and that we might even consider the latter to be immoral."

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