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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bundling of services at abortion mills with cosmetic treatments seek to normalize abortion

Tummy tucks, breast implants, facials, liposuction and abortions....the one stop chop shop for the woman who deserve nothing but the best in narcissistic pleasures. Coupons and discounts for the life ending procedure....this all plays into the idea of normalizing abortion as just another cosmetic procedure that women endure to remain youthful and beautiful. Pretty soon we will see it on Groupons. Some offer a punch card with the 5th punch  you get a free abortion. How sick have we become? Shouting out Loud tells of a Miami  appropriately called Eve Women's Services that offer cosmetic procedures along with abortion. Some offer weight management services....anything to normalize abortion.
In Nashville  an abortion mill that runs without being licensed as am ambulatory surgical treatment center and inspection from the DOH offers online discount coupons and discounts for students, military and driving over 50 miles to get there.

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