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Friday, January 6, 2012

Abortion profiteer aborts one child and adopts another....

Fascinating article in Salon from a profiteer of abortion.... she is proud of her material benefits and staunchly defends abortion rights with some amazing comments.
Recently, Merle Hoffman gave a copy of her forthcoming memoir, “Intimate Wars,” to Sister Dorothy, a regular protester stationed outside Choices, the Queens, N.Y., abortion clinic that Hoffman founded.
You know, it’s so honest,” Sister Dorothy told Hoffman after reading it, “but sometimes Satan cloaks himself in truth.”
She denounces the pro choice movement for their timidity....

The problem is that the pro-choice movement is uncomfortable with itself. I’ve always said that, and I’ve always believed that,” she says. “We’re not comfortable with the banner we’re under,” meaning that abortion is still largely a taboo even among pro-choice women. Part of the problem is that the natural constituency of pro-choice values is still largely silent. “You know how many women have had abortions?” Hoffman says. “Abortion is as American as apple pie. I think it’s one in three. But we’ll go on TV and say, ‘I just had my tits done or had a bikini wax,’ but not had an abortion. If you could see that constituency rise up at one point in time — but they don’t, because there’s this cloud.”
She has convinced herself that society hates abortion because they are anti woman.  As she sees it, [the] " act of abortion positions women at their most powerful..." she really meaning that the act of killing gives woman power? Probably,  since Roe Vs. Wade basically says that a woman has dominion over the life in the womb. To live or die....such power and power can be a strong aphrodisiac.
She also writes about her own abortion, which occurred after she’d been running the clinic for several years, in similar terms. “With my choice I was fighting for the right of all women to define abortion as an act of love: love for the family one already has, and just as important, love for oneself. I was fighting to reclaim abortion as a mother’s act. It was an act of solidarity as significant as any other I had committed.” Years later, after the death of her husband, she adopted a daughter from Russia.

Talk about schizophrenic thinking....she aborts one child and adopts another and calls the abortion which she acknowledges" stops a beating heart" an act of love.  I think Sister Dorothy comment is spot on.
“but sometimes Satan cloaks himself in truth.”

I have a feeling that Sister Dorothy's  persistent prayerful presence may be the catalyst for this woman to come out of the industry much like Abby Johnson and others.

picture from Salon article

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