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Friday, January 6, 2012

Homeless man arrested for setting fire at abortion facility in FL

So glad they caught the man who appears to be responsible for setting the fire at the Pensacola abortion facility. He is reported to be a homeless man who has a long record of felony convictions in several states including TN . He was riding in a stolen vehicle when he was apprehended. 

The story tries to label him as being part of a pro life group but there is no evidence to that. He said he intentionally started the fire because he was "had a strong disbelief" in abortion.  He set the fire in the middle of the night and stayed around long enough to make sure the blaze was going and then went to the  shed behind a restaurant where he slept.

The story notes that the clinic was the site of almost daily "protests" of people  carrying "Bibles, crosses and signs" but admit there was no violence associated with these "protests." They probably are referring to the 40 Days for Life that just concluded.  They state that this man who does not sound mentally stable was "fueled by watching a young woman enter the clinic while he looked on with "protesters."

The affidavit shows that Rogers has felony convictions in Alabama, Tennessee and Missouri for burglary and in Mississippi for grand larceny.

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