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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Conceived in rape and adopted at birth...I grew up in a happy home and reunites with birth mom now age 100.

So when you hear that the only answer to rape is abortion, read this story. 

Young 16 year old girl is raped by 3 strange men and carries her baby girl to term. The baby is adopted at birth. Now this was 77 years ago and confidential adoption was the only option back then. The birth mother did receive updates on his birth daughter until the adoption agency changed management and then there was no more information. 

When the birth mother was 94 years old, she was discovered by a biological grandson  and went on to have a wonderful reunion. The baby reported that she grew up knowing she was adopted and had a happy life. She married and had six children including one son who became an astronaut and flew on four space missions.

So all I could think of was those who say that the only solution for rape is abortion. Just think of the generations that would have been wiped out. The birth mother felt nothing but love for the child who was conceived under such terrible circumstances. The child grew up in a happy and stable home.

Photo:AP: Joe C. Hong

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