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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kohl's pledges no support for PP at any level....

  Cross Posted at ProLife WI:

Kohl’s: No support of Planned Parenthood will occur, from any level of the company

We have written in the past about Kohl’s and its ties to Planned Parenthood (read about the smoking gun here and the admission of the donation here). Life Decisions International, which compiles a boycott list of companies that support Planned Parenthood, confirmed January 3 that Kohl’s has been removed from the list.
Kohl’s is based in Menomonee Falls, Wis., and many people take pride in supporting a Wisconsin company. Kohl’s employs thousands across Wisconsin, and everyone knows someone who works there. So the news of Kohl’s support of Planned Parenthood struck especially close to home.
We would like to thank the thousands of Wisconsinites who expressed their displeasure with Kohl’s! It is because of the actions of all of you that Kohl’s discontinued its relationship with Planned Parenthood, and further took a stance on ensuring that Kohl’s will not be tied to Planned Parenthood in the future. To those of you who wrote letters, emails, made phone calls, sold your stock, canceled credit cards, refused to shop there — thank you! Your efforts were not in vain. Pro-life activism works!
This is what Life Decisions International had to say about Kohl’s:
“It was made clear to us that ‘no support of Planned Parenthood will occur in the future; from any level of the company’. All store managers too, by now, should have received a memo stating that ‘Planned Parenthood is not to be included in any donation made by individual stores’. However, anyone who is pro-life understands that the Kohl’s form-letter response over the past 6 months avoided the Planned Parenthood topic, but proclaimed support of Susan G. Komen; and is just as bad. Our boycott list though is strictly of companies that directly support Planned Parenthood.”

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