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Monday, February 13, 2012

Walters: Mother by adoption but supports abortion

Barbara Walters is a mother by adoption...yet she supports abortion. Is it a matter of I have my child so now I don't care?  I personally know two people who are mothers by adoption and pro choice. Where do they think their children came from? Again, is it a matter of I have mine so now I don't care about the rest? I cannot understand.

No Barbara, no child is unwanted....two MM couples waiting to adopt.

"I think that in order to even think about having an abortion, to give up a child that is obviously unwanted, that’s why you’re doing it, it is such a tremendous decision, it’s involved with so much fear of what you’re doing and guilt.

 Wait! Then to have to go and be forced to hear, to see the fetus, to hear the heartbeat, to put more guilt on you, I think is heartbreaking."

Fear and guilt....if it saves a life...what's the problem. These ladies on  The View  are disgusting.....

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