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Monday, February 13, 2012

Pro abortion story where the truth peeks out......

Pro abortion website Salon shares a life story about abortion and its aftermath where the truth peeks out.... in the personal stories section this lady shares her personal abortion story as the new memoir "The Rules of Inheritance,"

Here is the short version....mother dies when she is 18....she is 19 she gets pregnant from a casual affair....and has  an abortion. Notice her feelings when she does birth a child.

"It won’t be until over a decade later, when I am well into the actual world of parenthood, frazzled and overwhelmed with love and impatience for the tiny creature I have created, that I will realize that if I had actually had a baby at age nineteen it might have been the very thing that would have kept me from the years and years of misery and destruction ahead of me.
It won’t be until I am finally a mother myself, and not until my cheek rests against my child’s soft downy head, that I will realize the bleakness of what I did all those years before."

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