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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Respected to reckless...did daily abortions drive Gosnell insane?? What's our excuse??

How did Dr. Kermit Gosnell who was once considered a prominent community leader interested in giving back go from "respected  to reckless." This article discusses his rise and fall...... from helping the poor to having such a low regard for life.....concern for  the poor to exploiting them. He definitely had an interest in making money.

As I read reports of who this man is I asked myself...can you remain the same person when you practice the grisly practice of abortion everyday?  It certainly hardens and changes you. From a dr. who made house calls to one who cut feet from the babies butchered  and keep them in jars as trophies. Did doing this everyday make him mad? But the defense is not saying he is innocent by reason of insanity...just innocent cause the babies he routinely aborted were really dead when they exited the mother's womb and he only snipped their necks to ensure fetal demise. 

Gosnell, an African American, treated women of color with disdain and saved the one clean room for white women. While the abortion industry has tried to distance themselves from him, the charade is falling away. Doctors referred patients to him. NARAL may have rejected his application but never bothered to report. PA authorities routinely ignored complaints; failed to inspect. A change in administration from a pro life governor to a pro choice one is cited as reasons for the lack of inspections by the Grand Jury report.  Shame all around...from media  to not reporting, to govt. agencies for not inspecting, to public for thinking infants have no value.  The list goes on and on.

Just as Gosnell went from respected to being on trial  for mass murder...his heart hardened to the killing that he could joke as he killed infants...gallows does the society who are obsessed with finalists of Dancing with the Stars that it makes the nightly news but  turns away from news about  the butchering of babies.  Gosnell may really be insane but what does that make us??

Pix: Philadelphia DA?Grand Jury Report

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