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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jiffy Lube and Planned Parenthood...much in common

Planned Parenthood is the Jiffy Lube of abortions and instead of trying to hide it they should be proud of it.

Sure Jiffy Lube may also vacuum your carpet, wash your windshield,  and check your wiper fluids but they are in the business of selling you an oil change, quick and conveniently. They also put a sticker on your window to remind you to come back to them for your next oil change and advise when that should be. You do not go into a Jiffy Lube just to wash your windshield or vacuum your carpet...if you did they would go out of business. 

Okay, Planned Parenthood may offer you free condoms and low cost or free birth control pills and pap smears but it really free when our tax $$ pays them to do it??? Jiffy Lube should demand that the govt. pay them for these extras.....after all clean windshields prevent accidents. But I digress....

Planned Parenthood should stop being ashamed of the A word and be proud that they are the nation's largest promoter and provider of abortions. Shouldn't they??   Why do they hide their core business? Could it be that they know that more Americans consider themselves pro life now? Well some centers are not afraid to strut their stuff. Look at this one...

Take the EPOC Clinic in Orlando, FL....just like Jiffy and out. You can drive yourself to the presume you can drive yourself home to but it does say "to"  the clinic. You "presume"  you can drive home as well unless you need to be sent home via ambulance.  Hey, an additional service of a pap smear and a 3 minute offing of your offspring. And lookey WIFI so you can tweet and post on Facebook  while in a prone position.  How can you beat that? Maybe to have an oil change at the Jiffy Lube next door at the same time.

Yup.....Jiffy Lube of the abortion industry. Gotta love it.

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Susie Allen said...

This thread is going over at Jill Stanek and this comment was posted by Bryan...great comment so I am repeating here. Thanks Bryan.

Bryan says:
February 6, 2012 at 12:19 pm

I thought of a parallel for the 3% argument over the weekend.

I own a new car dealership. In a typical month, I change 200 quarts of oil and 50 oil filters, I perform diagnostics on 35 vehicles, I sell 28 new tires, I provide 18 key copies, I use 245 various parts to perform repairs, I change 12 air filters and 32 spark plugs and I charge people “shop charges” for the 437 shop rags that I use in my service department. I also sell 10 new cars. The total of all the repair and other services is $30,000. The total sales of new cars is $270,000. As a percent of the “items” and “services” that I provide, new car sales represent less than 1% of my business.

What is my primary business?