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Friday, December 21, 2012

NARAL feels VA teens need more protection from parents....

Abortion  promoting Huffington Post  posts an article about their surveillance of VA parental notification laws with regard to the judicial bypass. Everyone knows that abortion mills are all too happy to hand over the  phone numbers of friendly judges that are known to grant automatic bypasses with no questions asked. But NARAL is shocked by the  ignorance of the VA court system....
"In more than a dozen cases, the caller was transferred at least six separate times before speaking to someone who could answer the question..."
Well welcome to the bureaucracy....
"The red tape and lack of information in the courts are particularly troubling for pregnant teenagers who are victims of rape or have life-threatening health conditions. Those girls are supposed to be able to bypass the entire consent process in Virginia, but many are not informed of their legal options and cannot receive straight answers from court employees."
Are you kidding me....NARAL wants minors who have life threatening health conditions or are victims of rape not to inform their parents?? Sure!!!! A minor with a life threatening condition needs to have surgery without parental notification?! Seriously???

Rape victims need referral to the state social services for protection and counseling while the perpetrator needs to be facing prosecution! But not with the abortion industry....the perp pays for the abortion and the abuse continues all without the parents knowledge. Check out Live Action undercover videos to see them in action.
"The teen education effort, called "Pregnant Teen VA," includes resources on the judicial bypass, abortion, adoption, birth control and parenting."
Okay, this one makes me laugh out loud. NARAL wants a confidential judicial bypass so the teen can make adoption plans or plan to parent without the knowledge of their  parents. They really have nerve even suggesting that is their motive. Ya, a teen is going to go through pregnancy and give birth make an adoption plan or choose to parent and their parents will never know!

There is only one reason for NARAL to want a robust bypass notification usher minors in for an abortion while still in a crisis mode and send them home to unsuspecting parents to deal with the emotional and physical after effects of a secret surgery. You see the abortion industry knows that if parents get involved it is harder to close the $$$ sale.

They have no shame....but we knew that all along. Wait, this isn't the end of it. I clicked on this so called "professional" site they set up  and saw their inaccurate and outdated adoption language of giving your child up etc.... and they warn against agencies that try to sway your decision. But alas.....their slip of the tongue turns into a slip of keyboard where they say you can abort anytime including after birth.
Yes, we know it is called Live birth abortions

Women may begin the process of abortion any time after they find out they are pregnant, including waiting until after birth. NO adoption is finalized until after the child is born, and you are free to change your mind any time before that. After signing, you may have a short time to change your mind but this will need to be discussed with a lawyer.

Had to get a screen shot of that one...... click to enlarge....

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