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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Left's New Hero...Lucy Flores discloses abortion with no regrets

Lucy Flores

There might be a challenge to Wendy Davis' claim to fame as the darling of the left, a.k.a abortion Barbie. She may have stood and filibustered for  infanticide; but now may be outdone by what the left is calling their new hero .  Lucy Flores, who not only talked the talk  about supporting abortion, she walked the walk and had one.

Flores (D) running for Lt. Governor of NV has a resume of overcoming many obstacles...growing up poor, one of 13 children, high school drop out, doing  time in prison, getting  an ankle tattoo and oh abortion.

According to Salon, the closest they had  to disclosing an abortion was Rep. Jackie Speier (D) CA.  Hers was not an abortion, as they like to call it, but a miscarriage at 17 weeks. Now they have a young, attractive Hispanic woman who discloses an abortion at age 16, AND, here is the icing on the cake , says she has no regrets. But I note that the articles about it describe her disclosure the same way as abortion supporting Slate.

"Her eyes welled up and her voice caught as she described how she’d convinced her father to pay the $200 cost for the procedure."
Does that sound like some regret? She reports that all six sisters got pregnant as teens and she did not want to be like them. She is  just like them,except they chose life. She disclosed this in 2012, as she was championing for more  sex ed. We have had sex ed is schools in schools for years along with biology classes!  Did they really not know how pregnancy occurred and did  anyone ever consider the other A word...abstinence. 

 But that may be another matter, back to the new hero threatening Davis. This was truly an elective abortion, forget that she was a minor, she knew what she wanted and that was no baby and heck yeah...she did it with the help of her father's finances. Now... if she can repeat the tale without the eyes welling up and the catch in her voice, she will be PERFECT!!!

This is what the abortion supporting crowd wants and needs to counter all those pesky women and men  from post abortion ministries like Rachel's Vineyard, Silent No More and Save One ,  who stand with their placards that say...I regret my abortion. Ask me about it.  Powerful testimonies....

Abortion supporters are hoping that Flores is the first of many. As the Salon article states... 

   "If pro-choice lawmakers want to regain control of the abortion debate, they may have to get personal." 
"Lucy Flores was willing to step up. Who’s next?"

Top photo: Courtesy of Lucy Flores Democrat for Lt. Governor/Facebook

Silent No More photo: Live Action News

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